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Rechargeable Fans & Light Bulbs Battle Brownouts

Guimelco, our local “service” provider for electricity secured a 100 million loan last year to completely refurbish the aging electrical grid in Guimaras. The project was to be completed by the start of the annual 2018 Manggahan Festival which ended last May 22nd, 2018. However, we’ve already experienced 20 power outages this June. Thankfully, our rechargeable fans and light bulbs battle the continuing brownouts in our home province of Guimaras.

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My San Mig Light Epiphany

enjoying a san mig light in the philippines

I experienced “My San Mig Light Ephipany” early one Sunday evening. Another brown out, courtesy of our local “power” company, Guimelco, had struck our sleepy island province of Guimaras. Mayberry is a boom town compared to Guimaras. Our sidewalks roll up at 6 pm. The majority of activity after the sun sets consists of tricycle drivers trolling for 10-peso-a-ride-passengers while burning up 20 pesos of gasoline in the process.

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Top 10 Stress-Busters for Living in the Philippines

Sunset on Philippines Resort Cabaling Beach

Living in “paradise,” believe it or not, is not always the utopia you might think it is. After over six years of living in the Philippines I thought it would be a good time to compile my “Top 10 Stress-Busters for Living in the Philippines.”

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Rat Causes 11-Hour Power Outage in Guimaras

guimelco truck

9:15 pm Monday. I was already in bed trying to get to sleep. My asawa and our helper, Mera, were upstairs watching a Filipino soap opera. Suddenly I heard a loud explosion! Lights out! Everything went black a split second after the boom. Transformer blew. Heard that sound many times in my almost six years of living in “paradise,” the Philippines.

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Philippine Super Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby): Getting Ready Is Key

wet market guimaras

Terror-stricken denizens throughout the central Philippines, from Eastern Samar to Cebu City to our own island province of Guimaras, emptied the shelves of local grocery and sari sari stores Super Typhoon Hagupit (called “Ruby” in the Philippines,) rapidly approached the island country, renewing terrible memories of complete devastation created by Super Typhoon Haiyan  (Yolanda) a year ago. Philippine Super Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby): getting ready is key.New Site in Guimaras, Market Day

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