Our First Pool Party in the Philippines

our new pool in the philippines

It’s a post I can finally publish: ” Our First Pool Party in the Philippines.” It’s been a massive project. The new swimming hole construction began right after Christmas. But we faced a couple of delays which set the undertaking back two months.

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Pool Project Progresses in the Philippines

our new pool in the philippines guimaras

Our pool project progresses in the Philippines. It’s been a month since I first gave an update on this major undertaking at our new home in the Philippines. Our five-man construction crew has been working hard under a torrid summer sun with temperatures now approaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has hit our mango island province of Guimaras but the humidity thus far only stands at 59%. The average humidity for the island province we call home is 86%.

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Pool Project Progress in the Philippines

pool designs for philippines

Our pet pool project progress in the Philippines continues despite the tragic loss of one of our most dependable and trusted workers.

We are moving ahead with the new pool construction, having hired a new worker, a relative, of course. Our worker, who recently lost his life, is being buried and his brother, who also was employed by us, will be able to return to the job once his brother’s funeral in Guimaras is completed.

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