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Clash of the Filipina Maids

old lady

We’ve recently hired a new domestic helper for our household in Guimaras. The crusty old expat, yours truly, issued an “executive order” which proclaimed a new part-time helper was needed to augment our current staff. My “executive order” was not held up in any federal court.

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New Filipina Helper Fired on First Day

donald trump youre fired

Our new Filipina helper was fired on her first day on the job. We had previously committed to hiring a Pinay whose mother-in-law was reportedly an aswang.  But that new domestic assistant never showed up for work.

(“You’re fired!” graphic source: Meme Generator)

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Should You Start a Micro-financing Business in the Philippines?


It’s a new year. 2016. Maybe you’re an expat living in the Philippines considering ways to bring in some extra cash. Should you start a micro-financing business in the Philippines? 

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I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan

the guimaras swat team

Decades ago I was in the United States Air Force military police. Maybe that’s why I always make it a point to be sociable to peace officers no matter where I’m at but especially in the Philippines. I’ve met quite a few friendly police men and security guards in nearby Iloilo on Panay Island and on our own island province. So I guess it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to my readers when I post a title such as the one above: “I Join the Guimaras SWAT Team at Manggahan.”

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I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015

pretty pinays at Manggahan

Regular readers of Philippines Plus know that I excel at doing as little as possible. I’ve perfected my slothfulness to a fine art after almost six years of living in the Philippines.  But retirement in this archipelago comes with a price: notoriety. Thus, many of my stalwart subscribers, especially those that have visited or who reside in the PH, will not be surprised by the title of this post: “I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015.” 

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