Materials for the New Nipa Hut in the Philippines Are Secured

mango tree

My asawa, along with our brother-in-law Joery, and nephew Sherwin, recently visited my father-in-law’s property located in Lawi, Guimaras, my wife’s homeplace where she grew up with no electricity, no running water and dirt floors. Lolo has extensive land holdings, over 2,500 acres, 1,035 hectares. His property is covered with mango, coconut, cashew, mahogany, hitang hitang and banana trees. Bamboo grows all over. Material for the new hut in the Philippines are now secured as my wife and Joery picked out several hitang hitang trees along with an aging, massive mango tree that is dying but will provide us with a unique wood for the floors of our new residence.

mango tree guimaras

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The Resurrection of The Rooster?

When I left off yesterday with my account of my computer crashing and the files wiped out, I promised a peek at Sainted Patient Wife’s latest project. Here are some photos of her latest endeavor. SPW has enlisted the help of brother-in-law Joery in hacking off pieces of an old mahogany tree to use it to … Read moreThe Resurrection of The Rooster?