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El Nido Culinary Adventure: Marbers

My lovely asawa at Marbers El Nido

I come from German stock. Consequently, when I opened the menu for the eatery we had stopped at I realized I was in for an “El Nido Culinary Adventure: Marbers.” One whole page of the menu was dedicated to German cuisine.

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Latest Ultrasound Reveals No More Kidney Stones

guimaras ambulance

Since retiring to the Philippines over five years ago, I’ve had three major kidney stone attacks. The archipelago’s tropical climate puts a person at greater risk for kidney stone formation due to the way  our bodies manage water in a tropical setting. Perspiration becomes the customary way of how the body excretes water in tropical climates. Urination may slightly decrease due to urine being stored longer in the urinary tract. I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated enough before my attacks but now drink 2-3 liters of water daily. My latest ultrasound in the Philippines now reveals no more kidney stones and, as an added bonus, a healthy liver. I had been previously diagnosed with fatty liver disease back in July.

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

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How BDO Fixed Our Dollar Account in the Philippines


BDO, Banco de Oro, is the largest bank in the Philippines. It belongs to the SM Group owned by billionaire Henry Sy. In previous comments to a post regarding a dollar account my asawa and I were trying to open with Banco de Oro, I had threatened to close our account with the banking giant and go to BPI, Bank of the Philippines. But there’s a possibility that BDO has fixed our dollar account in the Philippines. Maybe. How? Let me tell you the story, O True Believer (as I borrow heavily from Stan Lee.)

The Bonehead & the bank guards

Hanging out with Metrobank guards. I’ve never hung out with BDO security yet.

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Best Shopping Malls in Bacolod City, A Visit to Ayala Mall

the district northpoint ayala mall bacolod

After visiting SM City Bacolod, my wife and I headed out via jeepney to the North Terminal in our quest to find the best shopping malls in Bacolod City. After making inquiries at the local McDonald’s, we decided a visit to the Ayala Mall was in order. Once at the North Terminal we would be able to catch a ride to “The District” where the new Ayala Mall was located. My wife and I had been using the cheaper jeepney services available in the “City of Smiles” rather than taking a taxi. We did use a cab upon our arrival in Bacolod and our driver informed us that most taxis were charging 300 pesos, almost seven US Dollars,  to the Ayala Mall located outside of the city. And that’s for a one way trip.

the district northpoint ayala mall bacolod

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Overloaded Jeepneys with School Kids Riding on Top: No Problem in Guimaras Province

Overloaded jeepneys with school kids riding on top of them is no problem on Guimaras province where my asawa and I reside. In fact, the public utility vehicles even pass by the local Philippine National Police without even a second glance. There are laws on the books regarding this issue, but like many rules and regulations in the Philippines, they are often ignored and not enforced.

jeepney in Guimaras loaded up with school kids on top

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