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Majority of 7,724 Aliens Barred from Philippines in 2019 were “Public Charges”

I’ve harped on this issue countless times during the past ten years I’ve been writing about living in the Philippines. If you don’t have any visible means of supporting yourself, there’s a good chance you could be barred from entering the Philippines. Case in point, today’s post headline “Majority of 7,724 Aliens Barred from Philippines … Read more

Chinese Top 2019 Philippine Immigration’s “Naughty” List

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, has released their annual “naughty” list. The Chinese lead the 2019 list of 180 rude foreigners barred by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. Chinese visitors blew away the competition last year as the Bureau prohibited 63 Chinese nationals from entering the Philippines. Koreans took the #2 spot with 23 … Read more

Can a U.S. Citizen Permanently Live in the Philippines?

Because it’s a popular question on Google search, today’s post deals with the following question “Can a U.S. Citizen Permanently Live in the Philippines?” Here’s what the Philippine Bureau of Immigration has to say on the topic: Yes, under the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, Section 13 (a) you are eligible for permanent residency in … Read more

Philippine Immigration Bureau Warns Against Online Love Scams

Tina Turner asked this question years ago: “What’s love got to do with it?” Because online scammers are at it again in Cebu, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, BI, has issued a warning. This past week, the BI cautioned the public against widespread cases of online love scams.

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Immigration Law in Philippines May Be Updated

The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940  needs to be updated.  House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. recently expressed his desire to have the current immigration law in the Philippines conform with the requirements of national security and economic development.

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New Requirements for 13a Permanent Visa

a immigration philippines

The 13a Permanent Resident Visa. In the opinion of Gary Wigle and myself, along with other American expats, this visa is the cheapest, most hassle-free visa a person who intends to retire and live in the Philippines can obtain. Of course, your spouse has to be Filipino in order to sponsor you for it, but once you have the 13a,  living in the Philippines becomes that much easier.  

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