Boracay Pee Pee Police Arrest 3 Foreigners 480x360 - Boracay Pee-Pee Police Arrest 3 Foreigners
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Boracay Pee-Pee Police Arrest 3 Foreigners

Alright, I get it. A auxiliary cop in Boracay got a cigarette butt in the face the other day by a Chinese man. The Chinese…

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Guimaras pee tree 480x360 - Lawbreakers & Other Guimaras Scofflaws
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Lawbreakers & Other Guimaras Scofflaws

While returning from a trip to Iloilo City to buy a hand pump for one of our wells, we made several stops before going home….

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Guimaras ambulance pee patrol - Guimaras Ambulance Pee Patrol
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Guimaras Ambulance Pee Patrol

It was around noon this past Tuesday, October 30th. My asawa was navigating our Ford Ranger. An ambulance, with lights flashing, was approaching from behind….

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Guimaras pee tree - Philippines Public Pee Warriors
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Philippines Public Pee Warriors

It was a slow day at the “pee tree.” After waiting for about 30 minutes as my lovely Filipina wife did some shopping at Southern…

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