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Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines

Call it “writer’s block,” call it old age, call it what you want. But occasionally I draw a blank when it comes to posting new articles for this website, “Philippines Plus.” Listen, I’ve started three posts already this morning on my Word Press platform and I’ve sent them all to the trash. “Justified” comes on in one hour and I’m stymied. So don’t be surprised by the title of this particular offering: “Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines.” 


photo source:fanpop.com

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Our Filipino Fashion Model

Our 14-year-old nephew, Sharwen, seen in the lead photo, is headed for a career as a fashion model,  a sort of Filipino “Farina” from “Our Gang.”  Thanks to some late night shenanigans from his cousins, April and Michelle (also seen in the picture), our nephew has been subjected to hair styling sessions which he seemed to be a willing participant in. 


Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino Farina

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