New Year. New Property. We Purchase Another Lot in the Philippines

My lovely asawa at our new property site in the Philippines

New Year. New property. We purchase another lot in Guimaras, the Philippines, our home for the past five years. My asawa and I both wanted to add to the 7,020 square meters we already own and where we are building our new home. The land, purchased from the brother of the man that we bought our original lot from, is adjacent to our existing lot. The additional lot, 5,478 square meters, will give us a total of 12, 498 square meters, or 1.25 hectares, a little over 3 acres.

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Outtakes at Outpatient Services at Guimaras Provincial Hospital

My asawa gets her blood pressure checked

While waiting at the Guimaras Provincial Hospital for over four hours last week, I had plenty of time to take some candid shots with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and include these pictures in my outtakes at outpatient services. Even though I’ve been in the Philippines for over five years now, I still have a problem waiting for any long period of time. And to me, sticking around over four hours to see a doctor fits that category. But since the visit was free, I didn’t complain that much until the last hour. My asawa gets her blood pressure checked

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The Best of 2013 Manggahan Festival

The best of the 2013 Manggahan Festival. The mango mash ended two months ago. But I’ve lived in the Philippines for close to four years now and despite the government’s push to adopt Philippine Standard Time,  I’ve decided to embrace the more laid back, traditional “Filipino Time,” thus I’m just posting this article now.

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