Despite Increased Risk, Sister-in-Law Stays in Kuwait

The Crusty Old Expat was saddened to hear of the torture and death of a Filipina, a domestic helper in Kuwait, who was from Sara, Iloilo. Sitting upright in a freezer, with arms crossed was the lifeless body of Joanna Daniela Demafelis, 29. Her body bore torture marks and signs of strangulation. For more than a year, the ill-fated Pinay’s body had been in that freezer. However, despite the increased risk, my sister-in-law Marjorie, also a domestic helper has opted to stay in Kuwait.

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Sister-in-law banned from Working in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti Beauty Blogger Promotes Filipino Slavery

Sister-in-law banned from working in Kuwait? That’s the question swirling around our household recently. My wife’s younger sister Marjorie (seen on the left) has been working as a domestic helper in Kuwait for over six years. Philippine President Duterte has called for a temporary ban on Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs, to Kuwait.

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Island Hopping Around Guimaras

sunset over guimaras

Recently did some island island hopping around Guimaras, our island province home in Western Visayas, the heartland of the Philippines. After spending a pleasant day quaffing a few San Miguel Pale Pilsens with our relatives, at the Sto. Nino Island Resort, we paid an extra 500 pesos. 11 bucks,  to check out some nearby islands.  It costs 100 pesos, $2.25 US dollars anyway, to take the boat back to the main island, so why not avail of the complete tour package for a few extra pesos? 

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Jobs in the Philippines: April and Michelle Find Employment

Jobs in the Philippines are extremely difficult to find. With widespread age discrimination running rampant across this archipelago, my twin nieces, April and Michelle (seen in the following photo), age 19,  are fortunate to be in the prime hiring bracket. If you’re 30 or over, your chances of finding a job become that much more formidable. (The girls were bored last Sunday when we had another long brown out, over 10 hours, and since Michelle had an extra uniform, they decided to do this pose.)

 April and Michelle, Savemore uniforms

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Iloilo City Ready for Foreign Tourists

Iloilo police sm city

The Department of Tourism (DOT) in Western Visayas,  the region where my Filipina asawa have resided since July 2009,  has declared Iloilo City one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.  “The City of Love”  is second to Boracay Island with most number of events, facilities and hotels.  Iloilo City is ready to accommodate … Read moreIloilo City Ready for Foreign Tourists

Niece Hunts for Call Center Jobs in Iloilo

Call center jobs in Iloilo City. Are there any available? My niece Michelle has tried to secure employment with a call center since last June when she arrived in “The City of Love” with her 19-year-old twin sister, April.  April has worked at SM City as a sales associate for the past few weeks but her sister has not had much luck in finding a job. Unemployment is a serious problem in the Philippines. The lack of jobs is a major reason so many Filipinos go to work abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs. Mich and April

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US Dollar to Philippine Peso Exchange Update: Peso Hits 4-Yr High


Are you an American expat living in the Philippines that keeps a close eye on the US Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate? Maybe you're a Filipino  working overseas who sends money home to your family every month as my asawa used to do years ago.  If so, the recent report that the Philippine peso recently hit a four year high is not welcome news for you. I'm certainly not thrilled with it. After almost three years in the Philippines, the current rate of 1 USD to 41.68 PHP doesn't do much for the budget. DSC

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Teen Pregnancy Rise in Philippines Alarms Officials

pregnant filipina

The National Youth Commission (NYC) this past Friday expressed alarm over the rise in teenage pregnancies in the Philippines that was disclosed in a report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).pregnant filipina

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Instant Karma in Iloilo City!

Call it the grace of God. Call it instant karma. Call it sheer dumb luck. Whatever term you use to describe the events of this past Saturday afternoon, January 14,2012, at Robinsons' Place in Iloilo City wouldn't do it justice. What was turning out to be a routine shopping expedition was translated into an afternoon of pure magic for this author.  The events that unfolded gave me pause to ponder how truly fortunate I am to have moved to the Philippines.DSC

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