“Where’s Dave?” Manggahan Festival 2013

Arrived in the sweet mango province of Guimaras on Sunday morning, April 14. Looking forward to hooking up with my American expat friend, the Tom Cat, and sharing a “few” bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.  Tom was already at the celebration on Saturday and had participated in the 3rd Manggahan Fun Run Sunday early Sunday morning. I don’t know how you can call running in extreme heat and humidity, “fun,” but my  tall lanky amigo does.  Not me. I’d rather sit in the shade with a couple of cold beers. 

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Indian Loan Sharks in Guimaras

Had lunch at my favorite talabahan in Guimaras the other day.  My asawa went up front to order her usual two bowls of oysters at P30 each. I requested a grilled chicken along with four sticks of pork BBQ. And a bottle of Pilsen, of course.

the shark(Photo Source:asiapacfinance.com)

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