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American Expat in Philippines Rescues Report Cards at Iloilo

ushers at santa teresa guimaras

American expat in Philippines rescues report cards at Iloilo High School. Yes, I had to make a return trip to the educational institution which our niece Shaina and nephew Sharwin formerly attended. (Note: after misspelling our nephew’s name for over four years now, my asawa has finally corrected me on how to properly spell the young man’s name. My apologies, Sharwin, not Sharwen.)

Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino FarinaSharwin and Michelle. Don’t ask.

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Cute Filipinas on Guimaras Island Hopping Tour

Cute Filipinas from Iloilo City on an island hopping tour off Guimaras.  Though I recently posted an article on this topic last month, I didn’t think my readers would object to more pictures,  courtesy of my niece,  April.  That’s her in the following photo, far right, next to the pretty pinay in blue.   

Island hoppers on the pump boat

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Island Hopping Off Guimaras

Visited Raymen Beach Resort,  located on Guimaras, the sweet mango province where my wife grew up, this past Mother’s Day.  We were celebrating the birthdays of two nephews, Sharwen and Jorreal.  Since my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Alida, were in attendance, it was a perfect way to combine the birthday celebrations and also honor our Mom’s.  Island hopping tour in Guimaras

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Guimaras: Manggahan Festival 2013

I’m gearing up for the biggest party in Guimaras, my wife’s home province.  The 20th Annual Manggahan Festival. The festival was first held on May 22, 1993 to commemorate the first anniversary of Guimaras as a full-fledged province. It’s a week-long celebration to honor the sweetest mangoes found in the Philippines and throughout the world.  As an American expat living in the Philippines, this will be my fourth visit to this shindig.  My asawa and I are spending six days in Guimaras this year for the occasion and not the usual one day.  Joining us will be the province’s  original party animal, the Tom Cat (that’s him at last year’s gig onstage with a cute Filipina band member.)Tom with the band at Manggahan Festival

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Guimaras Joyful Preschool 3rd Recognition Day

Another graduation day in the Philippines in Guimaras, the sweet mango province.  This time the graduate is our five year old niece, JalAmiel. That’s her standing directly in front of her Mom, Alida, who’s located in the center of the Guimaras Joyful Preschool sign in the following photo.  My sister-in-law has tripled the enrollment during … Read more

Graduation Day in the Philippines

Our 12-year-old niece from Guimaras, Den Den, graduated from the sixth grade recently. In a rare spontaneous mood, the day before the event, I informed my asawa that I wanted to attend the ceremonies. Our niece would be entering high school next year and these closing exercises would be a milestone in her young life.  My stunned spouse agreed.  Because I wanted to surprise our relatives back in the mango province, we didn’t inform anyone that we would be attending.40th Closing Exercises San Miguel Central School

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Jobs in the Philippines: April and Michelle Update

Our 19-year-old niece, April, finished up her  four month contract with SM Department Store in Iloilo City this past December 31st. She was classified as an “out right” employee for the biggest department store chain in the Philippines and did not work for an outside employment agency. If she had been hired as a five month contractual worker with an outside firm, she would have had the option to renew her contract immediately.

April at Raymen Beach in Guimaras

April at Raymen Beach in Guimaras

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