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Philippines: Top Five Shortcuts for Fast Annulment


“Philippines: Top Five Shortcuts for Fast Annulment” is today’s topic. How fast can you get an annulment in the Philippines? How much does an annulment cost? What are the conditions for obtaining an annulment? This article will address those questions.

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Are Filipinas the Most Beautiful Women in the World?

my lovely asawa taking a break at casa rosa resort taytay palawan

Recent posts on younger Filipinas with older guys and how to meet your special someone on Cherry Blossoms has prompted me to write today’s article. Don’t know why I’ve never devoted a whole piece to this topic before, but a recent FHM Philippines video, posted at the end of this article, inspired me.¬†

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How to Live Cheaper in the Philippines

No Spend Days

With the US Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate continuing to slide (41.75 PHP to 1 USD at the time of this article) and rising inflation in the Philippines, we've tried to institute some ways to live cheaper in the Philippines. 

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Healthcare Costs in the Philippines. We Finally Enroll in PhilHealth

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

Our healthcare costs have approached a little over 1100 US Dollar since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. Not a substantial amount considering those expenses have included a couple of emergency room visits, one of which was for a kidney stone attack I suffered in February 2010. This past Wednesday¬† my asawa and I … Read more

Is Your Filipina Sweetheart Already Married? Find Out with CENOMAR


I’ve had some recent emails from a few readers that have left me concerned. Seems that their Filipina sweetheart they have chatted with online and have come to visit in the Philippines have been scamming them. Said they were not married. Turns out they were. One even told my friend that she was divorced because she has been separated for so many years. Folks, there is NO DIVORCE LAW in the Philippines. Costly annulments are the only option for those trying to get out of a failed marriage. Good luck on getting one of those. Let me emphasize this: IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW LONG YOUR BEAUTIFUL FILIPINA HAS BEEN SEPARATED. SHE CANNOT LEGALLY MARRY IN THE PHILIPPINES NO MATTER HOW MANY YEARS SHE HAS BEEN SEPARATED. scan


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US Embassy Says 70% of Filipinos Who Apply for Visas Get It

embassy thumb

I was extremely surprised to read that seven of 10 Filipinos applying for a US visa obtain approval. I had the impression that most candidates inevitably meet with rejection. However, according to an April 29, 2011  online report on  Inquirer Global Nation, the United States Embassy reported those figures this past Wednesday, refuting the common perception that most candidates inevitably meet with rejection.us embassy

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