New Universal Healthcare Bill Will Replace PhilHealth

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The Philippine Senate passed its version of the Universal Health Care Bill. The Senate’s 14-0 vote seeks to guarantee all Filipinos equal access to quality and affordable health goods and services. President Duterte had certified the bill as urgent. The new Universal Healthcare bill will replace PhilHealth. PhilHealth will be renamed the Philippine Health Security Corporation.

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Upcoming Abolishment of PhilHealth


The Manila Standard reports the government will eliminate PhilHealth and replace it with the Philippine Health Security Office.  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced the new healthcare program would provide all Filipinos with universal health care. Congress under House Bill 5784 approved the new plan, which will now be called the National Health Security Program.

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PhilHealth: Foreigner Married to Filipina Update


PhilHealth is the national health insurance plan of the Philippines. My wife, a Filipino citizen, first enrolled in the program in 2012, three years after we  had retired to the Philippines. The cost at that time was 1,200 pesos, approximately 24 US dollars, a year. As her legally recognized spouse, I was also included in the coverage at no additional cost as a dependent.

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Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?

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A serious topic for today’s post: “Expat Healthcare in the Philippines: Are YOU Prepared?” Do you think that if you move to the Philippines and become ill that the Philippine government will help you out? You’re not in Kansas anymore, Pilgrim. YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR ANY CONTINGENCY BEFORE MOVING TO THE PHILIPPINES. There’s no safety net for foreigners in “paradise”.

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Is PhilHealth Available for Foreigners?


Is PhilHealth available for foreigners? On May 21, 2015, PhilHealth, the national health insurance company of the Philippines,  released the following bulletin: “The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will soon provide health care benefits to foreign nationals and former Filipinos who wish to retire in the country.”

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