Guimaras’ Shocking Shabu Drug Bust

Guimaras’ Shocking Shabu Drug Bust. Coming home from a day of shopping in Iloilo City, we noticed a large contingent of law enforcement officials. Police officers were checking the compartments of motorcycles coming off the banca boat in Jordan Wharf, Guimaras. The incoming vessels were arriving from Parola Dock in Iloilo City. We have never seen this before despite living in the area for almost 10 years. As our parking lot attendant Noel picked us up, we drove by and witnessed an ongoing drug bust.

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Philippines: Loads of Laws & Insufficient Enforcement

j cash fan

Al S. Vitangcol 3rd over at the Manila Times wrote an interesting editorial a few weeks ago. Above all, Mr. Vitangcol was astonishingly correct on a topic I’ve ranted about for years. His editorial, “Too many laws, too little enforcement,” is a must-read for anyone living in the Philippines. While you might be a Filipino or … Read more

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