Motorcycle Gang Invades The Farm”: Conclusion

I wasn’t happy. We were encountering a motorcycle gang invasion at “The Farm” in Guimaras, our home province. Our fortress of solitude had been shattered one morning by motorcyclists who had discovered a path through our sequestered enclave in order to avoid detection by nearby Land Transportation Office officers who were conducting a checkpoint nearby.

My amigo with motorcycle club in Guimaras

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Pretty Pinays Parade at Manggahan Festival

Pretty pinays were on parade at the 20th Annual Manggahan Festival held in Guimaras last month.  Escorted by a posse from the Philippine National Police, PNP, I withstood the early morning heat  from my unshaded vantage point to snap the following photographs.  This American expat living in the Philippines stood out like Al-Qaeda at a bar mitzvah. PNP in Guimaras lead Manggahan Festival Parade

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