There’s a “Peeping Tom” on our Jeepney!

From Wikipeida, The original "Peeping Tom" was a tailor back in Coventry, England,who according to legend, had watched Lady Godiva (1040-1080), an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, ride naked through the streets of Conventry in  order to gain a remission of an oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants.  Everyone in the town was forbidden to watch Lady Godiva as she rode a horse naked through the town, and tailor Tom disobeyed, saw Lady Godiva through a hole he bore in his shutters and was struck blind or dead. Tom evidently had issues with authority figures and let his libido get the best of him.Lady Godiva

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Encounter with a Beautiful Morena at the Cebu Hotel!

As I finally checked in at the Sampaguita Suites, a Cebu hotel located in the central part of the city, the cute Filipina at the front desk that I had been speaking to about the Russian lady Sventlanda,   handed me a paper which had their rates posted and asked if I had reserved the Double Standard Room which was 998 pesos ($22.52) and had two beds.  I said “no”, I am alone,  and I requested the Single Standard Room for 698 pesos ($15.75).seductive...

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