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The Latest Update: Building Our New Home in the Philippines

the path to our new home in the Philippines

Here’s the latest update on building our new home in the Philippines. I’ve included some new photos to go along with this post and have added some additional information regarding our recent property dispute.  We’re currently starting on Week 14 of this project. Prior to the start of construction, my brother-in-law Joery and his crew manufactured a new nipa hut on our nearly 13,000 square meter lots located on the mango island province of Guimaras. The nipa hut will serve as the new digs for my 84-year-old father-in-law who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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The Brand New Shirven Hotel in Guimaras

Great rooms at The Shirven Hotel in Guimaras

I’m  a simple man. I like my beer cold. And I like to drink in pleasant surroundings with a fan blowing a cool breeze on my fat face. I can have all of that and more, at the brand new Shirven Hotel in Guimaras, our mango island home province. 

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Our New Roof in the Philippines Finally Gets Delivered

My lovely asawa inside our new living room

Our new roof in the Philippines, manufactured in Cebu, finally gets delivered to our new home construction site on the mango island province of Guimaras. The roof, made at the Union Galvasteel plant in the Queen City of the South, was to have been delivered this past Friday afternoon. It didn’t make it on Friday as promised. Seems no one from the roofing company made sure the new roof was loaded on the ship that would take it to Iloilo. At Iloilo, our Union Galvasteel representative, Jolex, as in “Rolex,” was to have it loaded on their truck and then put onto the local ferry which would take it to Guimaras.

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Latest Progress Report On Our New Home in the Philippines

close up view of the new porch

Here’s the latest progress report on our new home in the Philippines on the mango island province of Guimaras in Western Visayas were we reside. Construction is going into Week Five and the following pictures were taken only a few days after the latest post regarding this enterprise. Our new house will be the dwelling for five people and covers over 3,000 square feet. It will have four bedrooms and four corresponding CR’s, Comfort Rooms, one for each bedroom which will include a guest bedroom.

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Survey on New Property Could Spark Turf War

meeting the new neighbors in the philippines

A recent new survey on our Guimaras property could spark a turf war. My asawa and I are set to start building our new domicile on the mango island province this November and had hired a survey firm from nearby Iloilo City to do provide us with a sketch plan. We could start working on our final design plans that we could submit to Peter, a local architect and trusted relative, who could transform our rough sketches into a blueprint our construction crew could work with.


meeting our new neighbors in guimaras

My asawa chats with a neighbor who had dropped by to check out all the activity


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Guimaras Joyful Preschool Continues to Educate Young Minds

alida tutoring

That’s my sister-in-law Alida, who as Director of the Guimaras Joyful Preschool, continues to educate young minds as she tutors an adolescent  charge early one Saturday morning. Alida’s institute of learning has grown from an initial enrollment of 19 pupils to well over 70 students in only a few years. She now has a waiting list, and along with her husband Joery, are planning to build a new classroom adjacent to the present structure to handle the increasing enrollment demands.
alida tutoring


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Road Crew in Guimaras, Western Visayas, Making Excellent Progress

construction guimaras

The road crew in Guimaras, the island province in Western Visayas that my asawa and I reside, has been making excellent progress on highway improvements in our immediate area. It won’t be long until my spouse and I will be driving our new truck on  these new widened pathways making navigating the mango island much easier. And,  as a 62-year-old geezer, I’m all for making our own “pocket of paradise” more comfortable and less stressful.

a load of dirt used in guimaras road construction

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