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American Expat’s Positive COVID-19 Benefits

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown across the Philippines, there have been some positive developments. There are no more loud fiestas with music blaring in the wee hours of the morning, for instance. Guimaras’ Biggest Party Canceled Another tradition, however, is falling by the wayside in Guimaras, the island province we call home. The … Read more

“Hey, Pink Shirt! Put on your Life Jacket!”

Some citizens from the USA have a reputation for being “Ugly Americans.” In the past ten years since retiring to the Philippines, I’ve certainly fit that description on several occasions. Hence, what comes to mind first is the “Manggahan Motorcycle Mayhem Meltdown” incident, for example. On that occasion I had a difference of opinion with … Read more

Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines

Seems like the past ten years have gone by swiftly. I moved to a “paradise” called the Philippines almost a decade ago. My loving Filipina wife, who has patiently stuck with me for over 19 years, made a great sacrifice and moved with me. She had a comfortable life in the States. There were a few co-workers and friends who must have questioned my sanity. Therefore, I present today’s post, “Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines.”

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Gutsy Guimaras Guests Attend Typhoon Ompong Pool Party

Typhoon Ompong slammed into the Philippines almost two weeks ago. Another typhoon, Paeng, is approaching the archipelago but landfall in the PH is not expected at this time.  It may bring heavy rains to Northern Luzon on Friday. However, “Gutsy Guimaras Guests Attend Typhoon Ompong Pool Party” is a salute to our heroic visitors who braved heavy downpours and high winds to make it to our recent birthday bash.

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New Guimaras Hypermarket Operating on “Filipino Time”

After nearly nine years of living in the Philippines, one would think I would have adjusted to “Filipino Time” by now. In some instances, I have. Nevertheless, there are occasions where this maddening Filipino custom raises my blood pressure to the upper stratosphere. Case in point, today’s post: New Guimaras Hypermarket Operating on “Filipino Time.”

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Manggahan 2018 Sizzles! Street Dance Competition

It’s the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Manggahan Festival in Guimaras, the island province we call home. Manggahan is the annual celebration of the mango. Guimaras Mangoes are the sweetest in the world and known for its sweet-sour taste. Frankly, if any province in the Philippines, claims to have sweeter tasting mangoes, they have been consuming way too many bottles of Red Horse Beer. “Manggahan 2018 Sizzles! Street Dance Competition” is the first in a series of posts that deal with my adventures in this year’s Mango Land celebration.

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Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines

lots of people on the beach at boracay

It’s almost 2:00 pm. The temperature is hovering around 33°C, 92° F, with a “feels like” temperature of 39°C, 102°F. The humidity is a “mild” 54%. “Mild” because the average annual humidity in our island province of Guimaras is around 86%. “Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines.”

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