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Unearthly Quiet Settles over our Island Province

The kids are gone. Because our niece and nephew had to register for school yesterday, their summer vacation with us is over. The kids have been with us the past five weeks. The Annual Manggahan Festival has ended. An unearthly quiet settles over our island province of Guimaras.  Silence permeates our home.

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2019 Manggahan Festival’s Fabulous Foam Party

“Foam party?” I wondered out loud, “I thought that was one of the bands playing tonight.” Negatory, good buddy. A foam party, a good Canadian friend informed me, was a bubble bath party with music and wild dancing. Along with my asawa, and our Canadian friend and her Significant Other, we were at Guimaras’ biggest annual shindig, Manggahan.

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Manggahan Festival 2019 Guimaras’ Mind-blowing Mango Mash

This past Saturday, May 11, 2019 marked the official beginning of the 2019 Manggahan Festival. It’s Guimaras’ biggest party. Above all, this was the 10th celebration of the sweetest mangoes in the world The Crusty Old Expat has attended. The Sainted Patient Wife and two nieces and a nephew accompanied me to the mango merrymaking.

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7 Best Guimaras Hotspots

Raymen Beach Guimaras

I wanted to give my readers a list of the “7 Best Guimaras Hotspots.” First of all, these are all family-friendly locations. While some expats I know, like “Bit” Davis, a happy-go-lucky single guy from Devil’s Foot, Wyoming, occasionally hits the KTV bars, we’re leaving such establishments off this list.

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GuimXP Tours Best Tour Provider in Guimaras

While waiting for my wife to get ready for a trip to her manicurist, I decided I wanted to accompany her to town. Because I had already woken up from a long nap,  I was well rested. She was headed to downtown San Miguel, Jordan in Guimaras. Since I wanted to visit my new friend Allen at GuimXP Tours, I hitched a ride. 

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Rechargeable Fans & Light Bulbs Battle Brownouts

Guimelco, our local “service” provider for electricity secured a 100 million loan last year to completely refurbish the aging electrical grid in Guimaras. The project was to be completed by the start of the annual 2018 Manggahan Festival which ended last May 22nd, 2018. However, we’ve already experienced 20 power outages this June. Thankfully, our rechargeable fans and light bulbs battle the continuing brownouts in our home province of Guimaras.

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