It’s the Day of the Dead in the Philippines

jordan municipal cemetary guimaras

It’s two days before All Saints Day, or “Araw ng mgba Patay”, the celebration of the Day of the Dead as it is called in the predominantly Catholic Philippines, and observed by Catholics worldwide. My wife, her Mother, sister Alida and our niece Michelle traveled to Jordan Municipal Cemetery in Guimaras to pay our respects to relatives that have long since left this earthly domain. 

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The “Americanization” of the Two Lola’s

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I don’t like people that butt in line. Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” might recall past rants involving my issues with Filipinos,  well-known for “Filipino Time,” who are nonetheless in a hurry and push ahead of others in a queue. I’ve been living in the Philippines for close to six years now, and while the vast majority of Pinoys and Pinays are polite, respectful and friendly, there are those that believe it is alright to practice “line jumping.” So when  a middle-aged Filipina butted in front of two senior ladies the other day at Robinsons Supermarket Package Counter, this incident sparked the “Americanization” of the two Lola’s (Grandmothers.)

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Bacolod Offers More Senior Job Opportunities vs. Iloilo

Bacolod City McDonalds mgr

My asawa and I recently visited Bacolod, the “City of Smiles” to celebrate my spouse’s upcoming birthday. During the course of our sojourn, I came to the conclusion that Bacolod offers more senior job opportunities vs. Iloilo, where we do the bulk of our shopping. In over five years of living in the Philippines I have never encountered anyone but young Pinays or Pinoys who held management positions in any of the major chains stores or franchise fast food outlets, such as McDonald’s, while in Iloilo City.

Bacolod City McDonald's mgr

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Saving Snacks for Fernando Poe Jr.


Lolo, grandpa, my father-in-law is saving snacks for Fernando Poe, Jr. There’s only one problem with that.  Fernando, the Philippines’ greatest action hero,  is dead. FPJ passed away on  December 14, 2004. But that doesn’t dissuade poor Lolo, afflicted with Alzheimer’s,  from saving all his munchies for Da King.  My wife’s elderly father, 80, has been  stashing snacks into the Comfort Room, CR, so Fernando can enjoy a  tasty tidbit after taking a pee. FPJ

(Filipino Action King Fernando Poe Jr.    Photo Source: ph.omg.yahoo.com)

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The Iloilo Dentist and the Ten Dollar Extraction

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Toothaches. Don’t know many who enjoy them. I don’t. Had a bad tooth pulled earlier this year at a dental clinic at SM City in Iloilo City. Not happy the dentist charged me the “kano skin tax.” Cost me P1500, almost double the quoted price.  I put up with the pain from that aching molar for almost six months. I had this current toothache pain for the last four weeks. It was time to find a new dentist in Iloilo. Was in no mood to put up with this pain much longer.

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Photo Source: DentalOrg.Com

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It’s Already Christmas Time in the Philippines

Santas Sexy Helper

SeptemBER. The first of the "BER" months officially kicks off the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. This predominantly Catholic country has earned the distinction of celebrating the world's longest Christmas season (source: Wikipedia.) "Frosty the Snowman" can quickly get annoying once you hear it several times in the course of a few hour's shopping at SM City.

Santas Sexy Helper

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Lola Tries to Shake Me Down


Heading towards the guardhouse of "The Orchard Subdivision" this past Friday when I spied an elderly, well-dressed lola (grandma) approaching me down the street. I was in the area checking on a possible site for our new home in the Philippines which we plan to build in less than two years from now. I also had heard this part of the Savannah Subdivision in Iloilo had water service 24/7 unlike the home we currently rent. lola

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The Mystery Water Supply Discovered in Savannah, Iloilo


I was on a quest. I wanted to find out why  "The Orchard," an enclave of the Savannah subdivision in Iloilo where we lived,  had water twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We only had water running for seven to eight hours on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Where was the tubig (water) source for "The Orchard?"DSC

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Sexy, Scenic San Miguel in Jordan, Guimaras

san miguel jordan guimaras

Sexy, scenic San Miguel in Jordan, Guimaras. Put together the words “sexy” and “San Miguel” and you’ve got a sure-fire attention getter for a title in my humble opinion. Maybe it’s my advanced age of 60 that requires me to get fired up and motivated by thinking up catchy titles for this post in the hopes of sucking in more website visitors. Maybe it’s my lack of San Miguel products. Haven’t had a cold one for about a week-and-half now.


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