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How Many Foreigners Living in the Philippines?

Have you ever wondered how many foreigners are living in the Philippines? For example, how many Chinese, Americans, Brits, Australians, etc. are living in this Southeast Asian archipelago? First of all, the current population of the Philippines is 109,678,880 as of Monday, July 27, 2020. Moreover, that data comes from Worldometer.  It’s their estimate from the latest United Nations … Read more

American Living in Philippines Marks 11-Yr Milestone

I’m a foreigner. A stranger in a strange land. I’ve resided in “paradise” since 2009. Been married to a lovely Filipina for over 20 years. Hence, today’s post, “American Living in Philippines Marks 11-Yr Milestone.” Metallica Musings As my Jango internet radio plays a Metallica classic, “Enter Sandman,” I reminisce over the past 11 years. … Read more

Should Foreigners live in the Philippines?

While the current coronavirus crisis continues, the longest lockdowns on earth still exist in the Philippines. Moreover, a new “anti-terrorism” bill recently signed by President Duterte is causing concern among nuns and beauty queens. Because of the new law, suspects can go to jail without a warrant of arrest for up to 24 days. Nevertheless, … Read more

Sensational Soulful Boracay Sunsets

Because I wanted a break from the current coronavirus crisis crisscrossing the globe, I decided to post some pictures from our Boracay vacation in late February 2020. While President Duterte’s Press Secretary recently opined that the Philippines is on the “precipice of annihilation,” I decided to take a lighter tone in this article. Hence, today’s … Read more

American Expat’s Rundown on Philippines COVID-19 Crisis

Unless you’re in an Amish community without television, radio or the World Wide Web, you’re probably aware of the current COVID-19 calamity that is sweeping across the planet.  I’m not going to give you the latest information on COVID-19. You’ll get the latest updates from reliable news organizations and not Facebook.  Today’s post simply deals … Read more

Boracay’s Bombastic Bugle Call for Tourists

Boracay’s tourism is hurting due to the COVID-19 mass hysteria fueled in part by news organizations desperate for higher ratings. My Filipina wife and I ignored the media hype and visited the white sandy beaches of Boracay the end of February 2020. While we didn’t avail of any promotions designed to lure local tourists, the … Read more

If You’re Pregnant in the Philippines, Don’t Eat Rice

“If You’re Pregnant in the Philippines, Don’t Eat Balut” is one of the most popular posts on this website.Consequently, this got me to thinking; something I do on rare occasions. Therefore, today’s post “If You’re Pregnant in the Philippines, Don’t Eat Rice” is the result of my “brainstorm.” Eating Rice is Almost Mandatory Several things … Read more

Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines

the dirty kitchen

UPDATE Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines Perhaps I’m becoming more “Filipino.” Because I moved to the Philippines over 10 years ago, I have to wonder if I’m emulating “Filipino Time.” As a result, it’s taken me almost five years to update this post “Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines.” New Updates on Popular Articles However, maybe … Read more

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