Lawbreakers & Other Guimaras Scofflaws

While returning from a trip to Iloilo City to buy a hand pump for one of our wells, we made several stops before going home. As I waited in the New Site Market in San Miguel, Jordan, my asawa parked our Aurora Blue XLT Ford Ranger in front of one of the ukay-ukay (used clothing) stores now crowding the market area. Since I’m a retired old goat, I’ve got plenty of free time, so I whipped out my Sony CyberShot camera and began taking some digital photographs. The following pictures prompted today’s post: “Lawbreakers & Other Guimaras Scofflaws.”

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Armed Vigilantes from Iloilo Invade Guimaras

armed home invaders

Around 6:30 pm on July 4th the “Mayberry RFD” of the Philippines, Guimaras, was invaded by armed vigilantes from nearby Iloilo province. Three masked men in civilian clothes armed with weapons stormed into the house of Ferdinand Ronzales where illegal gambling operations were allegedly being operated. Shots were fired.

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