Latest Update: Our New Home in the Philippines

a look at the new terrace

I’m on Filipino Time. That’s my excuse, anyway, for not having any new posts in over a week. Sure, I could blame the Manggahan Festival now being held in Guimaras, the island province my asawa and I live on, but using “Filipino Time” sounds like a good scapegoat for my laziness.

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Our Laundry Lady in Guimaras Gets Clothes Lined

We haven’t had a washing machine and dryer since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. When my Filipina wife and I lived at “The Compound,” in Guimaras, our laundry lady, a neighbor, came by every day. Her salary? P1,000 a month and lunch. 23 US Dollars.Our new Sanyo Washer in the Philippines

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