Philippine Airlines: The Best and Cheapest

Waiting for my airplane at NAIA

Philippine Airlines: The Best and Cheapest. I’ve used the services of Philippines Airlines, PAL, and Cebu Pacific in the past.  During my recent trip to the United States, however, I flew to Las Vegas on Korean Air. The service on both PAL and Korean Air, which handle international flights, is first class. Cebu Pacific has several international flights but the bulk of their business is focused on domestic flights within the Philippines. Their service? As far as I’m concerned, less than stellar.

Philippines Airlines

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Back in the USA. The Return of the American Expat

las vegas

I hadn’t stepped foot in the United States of American for over five years since retiring to the Philippines. But this past late September, I was back in the USA. It was the return of the American expat. My only reason for my visit was to see my 82-year-old Father who had retired to Las Vegas several years ago.

from my hotel window in Las Vegas

The view from my hotel window in Las Vegas.


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I Breeze Through NAIA Terminal 1 with my 13a Permanent Visa

bullets to hong kong naia

I had concerns. Having not left the Philippines since my arrival over five years ago, I was worried that even though I was in possession of a 13a Permanent Visa, I would not be able to get my Emmigration Exit Clearance, ECC, at the airport. Though I had been assured by my local Bureau of Immigration Office in Iloilo that I could obtain my ECC at NAIA, I still had my worries. I felt better after contacting Randy Landis who reaffirmed what my local BI Office told me, but you never know about Immigration officials at the Manila Airport. There are too many online horror stories about foreigners being “shaken down” and having to pay extra fees to leave the country. To my knowledge, if you have a Tourist Visa and have not left the Philippines in over six months, you will need to process your ECC at a local Bureau of Immigration Office that can handle that process. It cannot be done at the airport anymore per a directive from Bureau of Immigration Director Mison.

Don't bring bullets to Hong KongSign posted at NAIA Terminal 1

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NAIA Terminal 3 on the Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

NAIA terminal  manila

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money  when I left the Philippines to visit my Dad back in the States. NAIA Terminal 3 on the cheap. That was my plan. And I executed it fairly well, I thought. No hotel bill. I spent the night at Terminal 3. No taxis. I used the free shuttle service to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1, where my Korean Air flight would depart from. And I discovered a 7 Eleven store which had extremely reasonable prices for an airport venue.

cute filipina at terminal 3, NAIA

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My Visit to Muslim Prayer Room at Terminal 3 NAIA

my new muslim friend

I’ve never visited a Muslim Prayer Room before. In fact, I don’t recall speaking to any Muslims when I lived back in the States and have only engaged a few of them in conversation since moving to the Philippines over five years ago. My knowledge of Islam is only what I get from my American news programs on our Cignal satellite system, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Fox News. With all the talk about ISIS filling the airwaves and other Muslim terrorist organizations, I have been akin to adhere to the adage that while all Muslims are not terrorists all terrorist are Muslims. So what in the world possessed me to actually enter a Muslim Prayer Room at Terminal  3 at NAIA and have a thoughtful dialog with them?

my new muslim friend

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STATLAB in Iloilo City Got the Job Done. New Ultrasound Results

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City

After an extremely frustrating visit for an ultrasound at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, my asawa and I took a banca boat to nearby Panay Island. Thanks to a tip from British expat Keith, who also lives on our island province, I resolved to check out a new healthcare clinic. I am delighted to proclaim that Statlab in Iloilo City got the job done. I was able to receive new ultrasound results for a recent kidney stone attack.

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City


  My asawa waiting at the Statlab Counter in Iloilo City


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Living in the Domain of the Golden Dragon

Birthday Party at Beach

As Dave usually writes about enjoying an iced cold Pale Pilsen with friends while relaxing on the second floor atop the UR Zone in Iloilo City, I sit and stare out my window here in Tupelo, Mississippi. And while him and his friends savor the taste of the best beer in all of Asia, I still long for the day I can return to the easy life in the Philippines.Birthday Party at Beach

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