GUIMELCO Comes Through! Lolo’s Nipa Hut Has Electricity!


As regular readers of Philippines Plus know, my father-in-law, Lolo (Filipino for Grandfather) is afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. If not for the expensive medications provided by the generous Murray the Kiwi, Lolo’s affliction would be even worse. My brother-in-law Joery and his crew have been building a nipa hut for Lolo on our new property in Guimaras, the island province we reside on.  We had tremendous news Tuesday afternoon as our utility company on the island, GUIMELCO, comes through! Lolo’s nipa hut has electricity!

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Outpatient Visit at Guimaras Provincial Hospital

Kidney stones. I would rather have all my teeth pulled without Novocaine than go through another kidney stone attack like the one I recently endured. My wife and I were on our way for our outpatient visit at Guimaras provincial hospital. We didn’t arrive until 9 am since I was extremely groggy from a sleeping pill I “borrowed” from my father-in-law to help me sleep through the severe pain on my right side, a common kidney stone side effect. Lolo, my father-in-law, has severe dementia and needs medication to help him sleep. (Thanks to Murray the Kiwi for supplying my father-in-law with a year’s supply of medications.)

outpatient nursing staff with one foreigner from ohio

  The helpful nursing staff at the outpatient department included a foreigner from Ohio

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Lolo’s Worsening Alzheimer’s

Lolo’s Alzheimer’s is worsening. My father-in-law, who we took in when we moved from Iloilo City back to the mango island of Guimaras, is becoming increasingly combative and violent. He recently tried to bludgeon my wife’s head with a huge stone as he struggled with her as he attempted to leave “The Farm.” Fortunately my … Read more

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