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Major Upgrades at Cousin Emma’s Jade Market

Discovered some shocking major upgrades at Cousin Emma’s Jade Market in Guimaras during the recent “Babes & Beer Tour.”  My wife’s relative in the mango province now has coin-operated tubig (water) and kape (coffee) dispensers!  I thought I was hallucinating from too many bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen, but it was no alcohol-fueled illusion, the Jade & Joe Michael Mrktg. Store, not to be confused with Emma’s Hollow Block Factory,  had entered the modern era. 

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Beer Garden Birthday Bash

Guimaras. Sweet mangoes. Bewitching beaches. Pretty Pinays. Massive amounts of Red Horse. The perfect formula for a Sunday afternoon beer garden birthday bash in Guimaras. Retirement in paradise.  It’s  a tough job. But somebody has to do it.

The Three Amigoes and their Red Horse

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