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80% Expats Love Guimaras as Retirement Destination

I retired to the Philippines almost ten years ago with my lovely Filipina wife. Because my spouse was born and raised in Guimaras, we moved to this island province. While this post’s survey is strictly informal, I believe “80% Expats Love Guimaras as Retirement Destination.”

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Independent Contractor Being Hired to Build Our New Home in the Philippines

One Storey House Design

An independent contractor is being hired to build our new home in the Philippines. As Lolo’s (my father-in-law) nipa hut nears completion, work will begin shortly on our new house located on our island province of Guimaras in Western Visayas. We had previously spoken to “Boy” in late October and while he has an architect that is developing the plans for our new digs, we felt the price that this Filipino contractor was asking for labor was way too much. He was requesting 4,500 pesos per square meter for labor costs.  Over 24,000 US Dollars. We would pay for all the materials. Our abode will have over 250 square meters in floor space meaning that the labor costs alone would be over 1 million pesos. This was not acceptable to us.


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Lolo’s Nipa Hut in the Philippines Nears Completion

nipa hut in Guimaras

Lolo’s nipa hut in the Philippines nears completion. Foreman Joery, our brother-in-law, along with three other employees are hard at work underneath the blistering tropical sun. The exterior walls of my father-in-law’s new digs are almost done. The interior walls, consisting of plywood purchased from the New Guimaras Traders, will soon be installed.
Lolo's nipa hut in the Philippines

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Is SM Coming to Guimaras Island?

Is SM, Shoe Mart, the department store, that is, coming to Guimaras Island? (Whatever  other type of SM might be present on the island province is something I stay blissfully ignorant of; imagine my surprise when I first saw the initials “SM” plastered on the exterior of a huge building during my first visit to the Philippines.)

SM City in Iloilo

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Meet at the Covered Uncovered Gym

I had to attend a graduation meeting for parents and guardians at my niece Shaina’s high school in Guimaras recently. Shaina is to graduate from high school this coming March 27th. “Meet at the covered uncovered gym” my asawa announced to me. The covered uncovered gym

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Our Laundry Lady in Guimaras Gets Clothes Lined

We haven’t had a washing machine and dryer since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. When my Filipina wife and I lived at “The Compound,” in Guimaras, our laundry lady, a neighbor, came by every day. Her salary? P1,000 a month and lunch. 23 US Dollars.Our new Sanyo Washer in the Philippines

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