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Massive Internet Problems in the Philippines

Massive internet problems in the Philippines are not a new issue. Since moving to the Philippines over 11 years, I’ve experienced crippling, frustrating slow internet speeds. We’ve been using Globe for the past several years now. Check out the miserable results from Ookla. Massive internet problems in the Philippines The acronym Mbps stands for “megabits per second.” … Read more

Globe’s Holy Week Data Alignment Disaster

Globes happiness guarantee

It’s a mystery to me. Seems like every time we go somewhere and return, my Globe internet doesn’t work. We recently spent a couple of days in Bacolod City. Consequently, I didn’t log onto my computer during that time. Now, thanks to “Globe’s Holy Week Data Alignment Disaster,” I still didn’t have access to the World Wide Web more than a day after reporting I had trouble.

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Moron Screws up His Internet Account

The Kano eating balut in the Philippines

The cancellation of the visit from our island province’s resident computer god saved me a few pesos.  Panoy, is known throughout the land of sweet mangoes, Guimaras, for his computer savvy. The tech wizard could have solved my problem with Globe quicker than a young boy can wipe snot off his nose with a shirtsleeve.

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Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit

The Kano in Iloilo e

Who says you can’t teach an aging fossil something new? “Crusty Old Expat Cancels Computer God’s Visit” celebrates the fact that even an aged geezer like me can overcome obstacles. While I might be in my twilight years, ready to meet Jesus any day now,  I actually finally figured out how to add my new internet service to my existing Globe account on my own. 

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Globe’s New Sensational Super Duper Internet Plan

Globe telecom models

I’m excited about Globe’s new sensational super duper internet plan, which is simply called “The Plan”. Brothers and Sisters in the congregation, lift up your hands and shout “Amen!” It’s a joyous day for this American expat in the Philippines. I’m more excited than Thor at a two-for-one sale on hammers!

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