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Foreigners w/Permanent Resident Visas Still Allowed in Philippines Despite Stricter Lockdowns

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President Duterte issued a stricter lockdown status for Metro Manila and other regions from August 4-August 18. However, foreigners w/Permanent Resident Visas can still enter the Philippines despite stricter lockdowns. International air travel flights are still ongoing. Consequently, when the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) went into effect, I assumed that international air travel would … Read more

Immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19

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Are you considering immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19? Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, only foreigners with long-term visas are currently able to enter the Philippines. Therefore, why even consider immigrating to the Philippines during COVID-19? Certainly, this current crisis won’t last forever. Consequently, now would be a good time to plan for when … Read more

My ACR Card Renewal in the Philippines

Iloilo Immigration

I’ve had my 13a Permanent Visa for almost five years. While the visa itself is permanent, it was time for my ACR card renewal in the Philippines. With a 13a Immigrant Visa your Alien Certificate Registration, or I-Card, is good for five years. My current card expires at the end of May.

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