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Cebu Pacific Flight to Puerto Princesa Arrived Early!

cebu pacific puerto princesa

Our recent trip to Palawan began with a pleasant surprise. We departed from the Iloilo International Airport 20 minutes before our scheduled time. Consequently, our Cebu Pacific flight to Puerto Princesa arrived early!

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Vultures Are Circling the Iloilo City Airport!

Arrived at the Iloilo airport last Thursday night around 6:30 pm from Cebu. Only had 30 minutes to catch the last pump boat from Ortiz Dock back home to Guimaras Island. Although I had gotten a good tip from Kaltehitze , one of our resident legal scholars, about a very reasonable place to stay overnight in Iloilo City, the Ong Bun Pension House, where you can get a non aircon room for as little as 150 pesos ($3.41 USD) or a room with aircon for 350 pesos. That's a great value, and the rooms posted on their website look clean and comfortable (well, yeah, I guess most businesses aren't going to post photos of cockroach-infested, dirty rooms with hookers hanging outside. But you can trust Kaltehitze on this one.)

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It’s Going To Be One Bumpy Flight to Cebu!

Last post dealt with my arrival at the Iloilo airport and passing through the first wave of security on my way to the Cebu airport, the Mactan Cebu International Airport.  After getting patted down and having my luggage scanned (which only consisted of a small battered, 30-year-old American Tourister briefcase that I had packed an extra t-shirt and boxers in),  I headed for Gate 6 on the facility's third floor  and paid the standard P200 ($4.57 US Dollars) terminal fee for domestic flights.

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Another Wild Ride to the Iloilo Airport!

Arrived home from the Cebu Airport last night (Thursday) as my Cebu Pacific flight touched down at the Iloilo City airport around 6:30 pm. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the cheapest way I have found to travel from the Ortiz Dock (where my pump boat from Guimaras docks) in Iloilo City to the Iloilo International Airport is to take a jeepney going to SM City (just look for the SM City Blue Logo on the vehicle), and pay only seven pesos (16 cents) for the ride. Once at SM City, go to the Airport Shuttle Service (just ask any security guard), and the friendly Meriam Transport Service will be happy to assist you. The charge for the 15-20 minute ride to the airport is 70 pesos ($1.60 US Dollars) each (50 pesos from the airport to SM City or other locations; SM City collects a P20 fee when the shuttle departs from there.) My wife and I have negotiated taxi rates from the Ortiz Dock to the Iloilo Airport for P350, so you can save P273 (almost $6.26) by taking the jeepney/Meriam transport route.

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