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Our First Pool Party in the Philippines

our new pool in the philippines

It’s a post I can finally publish: ” Our First Pool Party in the Philippines.” It’s been a massive project. The new swimming hole construction began right after Christmas. But we faced a couple of delays which set the undertaking back two months.

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Pool Project Progresses in the Philippines

our new pool in the philippines guimaras

Our pool project progresses in the Philippines. It’s been a month since I first gave an update on this major undertaking at our new home in the Philippines. Our five-man construction crew has been working hard under a torrid summer sun with temperatures now approaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has hit our mango island province of Guimaras but the humidity thus far only stands at 59%. The average humidity for the island province we call home is 86%.

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The “Ugly American” Makes an Appearance at New Construction Site

a look at the new roof

My asawa has borne the brunt of the stress associated with the building of our new home in the Philippines. My spouse handles the ordering of materials and takes care of the payroll and makes sure all of our workers have an ample snack supply on hand for their daily merienda. Regular readers know that I don’t do much of anything and excel in that function. But the other day, I had gotten fed up with the excuses of our roofers, and thus the “ugly american” found it necessary to make an appearance at our new construction site.

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Construction Costs for our New Home in the Philippines

workers building our new porch

Construction costs for our new home in the Philippines is the topic for today’s post. I took new pictures of our job site a few days ago and a recent comment from Kevin prompted me to confer with my asawa, who is in charge of buying materials for our house and handling our construction crew’s salaries, to check on our ongoing construction costs. My wife handles these chores in addition to taking care of her father, afflicted with dementia, and running a household of six people. Me? I stay out of the way and do as little as possible, something I’m exceptionally good at. 

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Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines

a look at our new house construction in the Philippines

Progress Report: New Home Construction in the Philippines. It’s been three weeks since my last report and I’m pleased with the progress our crew has made thus far. After a trip to the States, I visited our job site along with my asawa the other day and took the following pictures. Most of the exterior walls have been built and work on the interior walls has begun. 

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Lolo’s Nipa Hut in the Philippines Nears Completion

nipa hut in Guimaras

Lolo’s nipa hut in the Philippines nears completion. Foreman Joery, our brother-in-law, along with three other employees are hard at work underneath the blistering tropical sun. The exterior walls of my father-in-law’s new digs are almost done. The interior walls, consisting of plywood purchased from the New Guimaras Traders, will soon be installed.
Lolo's nipa hut in the Philippines

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