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The Kano’s Prognosis? Fatty Liver Disease

The Kano’s prognosis? Fatty liver disease. Two weeks when the doctor over at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in Guimaras went over my abdominal ultrasound,  which I had taken as a result of a recent kidney stone attack, I was clueless on what “fatty liver” meant aside from guessing I had fat in my liver. At the time. I was more focused on the doctor’s information about my kidney stones.

Help is on the way

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We’re Living Below the US Poverty Level in the Philippines

Filipina on Beach

My wife and I are living below the United States poverty level of $15, 130 a year for two people. Now if we were not living in the Philippines, that would be a problem. While we are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle we certainly are not living like a king and queen, but we're content. (Yeah, I know the photo has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, but what would you rather see, a mugshot of an old geezer like me, or this cute Filipina on the beach?)Filipina on Beach

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Want to Live Longer? Move to the Philippines


OK, maybe you're thinking I've had a few too many San Miguels. Move to the Philippines and live longer? Have I discovered the Fountain of Youth in our backyard?  Well, no, but just like drinking three or four bottles of your favorite brew is good for your health (a Boston study of 38,000 men found that men who drink alcohol three or four times a week have a 32 percent lower risk of heart attack than men who drink less than once a week: Men's Health) a move to the Philippines might possibly enable you to live a longer life. How did I arrive at that conclusion? Well, please read on, O Faithful Reader.DSC

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Mercury Drugs in the Philippines Rips Off My Wife!

Mercury Drugs in the Philippines rips off my wife! My mother-in-law needs daily high blood pressure medicine which my wife can usually purchase cheaper at a Mercury Drug store in nearby Iloilo City. Her nanay (mother) suffered a stroke last June, but fortunately fully recovered a month later. She is very active for the age of 77, and has a built-in radar which prompts her to go into the crowded back kitchen area to wash ONE dirty dish, just as I am ready to prepare a meal. I can vary the times I prepare my meals, but she will  magically appear just as I am ready to cook.
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