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American Expat’s Successful Gall Bladder Surgery in Philippines

My gall bladder is gone. Because I had suffered two painful gall bladder attacks within a space of one month, I had my gall bladder removed. Several doctors recommended the surgery, as did my wife. My asawa isn’t a physician. However, doctors at two different ER rooms convinced her that I did need to have … Read more

The Verdict: Wife Diagnosed With Gastritis & Bile Reflux


After spending an evening at Medicus Hospital with constant around-the-clock care from an attentive staff, my asawa prepared for the morning’s first procedure, an upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopy. My asawa has been suffering from chronic lower abdominal pain for several months now. The latest attack forced us to take a nighttime emergency pump boat ride from Guimaras, our home, to nearby Iloilo City, which has vastly superior medical facilities than our home province.

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Stricken Spouse! Philippines Emergency Room Rescue

ambulance leaving guimaras provincial hospital

My asawa, spouse, has been suffering with chronic abdomen pain for months. The pain, caused by “wind” according to my wife, would first be treated by a liberal dose of Tiger Balm over her lower abdomen. OTC medications like Buscopan Plus would ease her pain for awhile. But the other evening even multiple doses of Tiger Balm and Buscopan did not help. This multi-part story begins with the first installment of this tale entitled: “Stricken Spouse! Philippines Emergency Room Rescue.”

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Healthcare Facility in the Philippines Scores a Win

Guimaras provincial hospital

Our healthcare facility in the Philippines scores a win! My wife, diagnosed with dengue fever and pneumonia, was admitted to our local provincial hospital in Guimaras this past Wednesday evening. She had a dangerously low white blood platelet count of 106. It was now Thursday morning and the attending physician walked into our room around 11:15 am. This was the first time we had seen the doctor since being admitted. I was praying for some good news.

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