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Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme

boracay dining on the beach

“Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme, “ today’s post, features photos from a recent trip we took to Boracay. My lovely asawa and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, decided to eat outside on the beach a couple of nights. We wanted to take advantage of the spectacular views at Station 2 on Boracay’s White Beach at a joint called the Globy Traveling Chef.

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More Pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party

niece denden in our new swimming pool in the philippines

I had more pictures from our new swimming hole that I didn’t publish in my last post. So I’ve added more pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party. Last weekend saw our Guimaras relatives frolicking in our new lagoon. Even Lola, my mother-in-law got into the act! Thankfully, Grandma, seen in the next shot,  did not wear a two-piece string bikini.

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American Expat in the Philippines 2012 Photo Highlights

I’m an American expat in the Philippines that is adjusting more and more every day to Filipino Time. So if this post regarding 2012 doesn’t get posted until sometime later in this month or even next, I’m really not too concerned. I don’t have to worry about  the commute to work on Interstate 55 between Auburn, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois where I worked at AT&T for almost 30 years. I’m not in a hurry anymore. Here’s a review of some of my favorite photos from our adventures in 2012.

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