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Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts

Regular readers of “PhilippinesPlus” know that I’ve been critical of Guimelco, our local electric cooperative in Guimaras over the years. Guimelco is a distribution utility with rural electrification as its main thrust. It’s currently marking 40 years of operation this year, 2019. The past ten years we’ve lived in the Philippines has been frustrating at times because of the proliferation of brownouts, power outages. However, I was shocked when we experienced a record low three power outages last month. Therefore, I humbly present this post: “Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts.”

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American Expat PH Monthly Budget Family of Six plus Eight Dogs

I haven’t posted any monthly budget figures for years on this website. Consequently, I thought such a post is long overdue. One of the most frequently asked questions about life in the PH is how much does it cost to live there? Therefore, without further ado, I present the following post: “American Expat PH Monthly Budget Family of Six plus Eight Dogs.”

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