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Are Life Jackets Crumpling Lawyers’ Suits on Iloilo-Guimaras Pump Boats?

only a few life jackets available on guimaras iloilo pump boat


Are life jackets crumpling lawyer’s suits on the Iloilo-Guimaras pump boats? Did a court in Guimaras prohibit the wearing of life jackets in motorized banca boats to help the lawyers prevent this? With the recent tragic loss of nine lives on the Tawash, the Coast Guard is cracking down. At least for now. Crumpled clothes or not. 

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The Island Hoppers of Guimaras

island hopping off Raymen Beach

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands. Traveling by banca boat (see following photo) is an unrivaled means of checking out some of the islets and enclaves which is something my asawa and her relatives, the island hoppers of Guimaras, did one recent Sunday. island hopping in the Philippines

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Papa Duck: The King of Karaoke

I hereby officially declare, Papa Duck, the new “King of Karaoke” onGuimaras Island. PD and Asawa Anne visited my spouse and I at “The Farm,” and we had the pleasure of the couple accompanying us to the recent Manggahan Festival. That’s Papa Duck in the lead photo belting out “Hotel California” by The Eagles over at theKookoonips outlet at the mango fiesta. 

Papa Duck

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Niece Shaina Graduates from Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island

Niece Shaina Graduates from Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island

Our 16-year-old niece Shaina graduates from Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island is the topic of today’s post from Philippines Plus. Shaina, along with her younger brother, Sharwin, reside with us at our home at “The Farm.” The children’s mother, Marjorie, works as a domestic helper in Kuwait.

 (The usherettes and their advisor who graciously posed for this picture)

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Nephew Sharwin Attacked at Santa Teresa H.S.

pretty pinay

My asawa and I had received disturbing text messages one Friday afternoon from the adviser to our nephew Sharwin: he had been attacked at Santa Teresa H.S. on Guimaras Island. I was on my way to the high school the following Monday morning to find out why the pupil who had punched my nephew was not reprimanded.Nephew Sharwin at field exercises

Nephew Sharwin in the middle participating in field exercises at the high school

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Looking for Lots for Sale in the Philippines

Regular readers of Philippines Plus will know that my lovely asawa and I have moved back to Guimaras, the premier mango province of the Philippines located in Western Visayas. After spending two years on nearby Panay Island near the big city of Iloilo, we decided to make the move back to my wife’s home province.Guimaras sunset

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