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Philippines Plus: Google Secure Site

It’s an issue you probably weren’t even aware of. Having been in the blogging business for over nine years, it’s my job to notice things on the World Wide Web. Thankfully, I have an extremely talented Webmaster back in the States who corrected a problem for me. As a result, I can now post the following title for this article: “Philippines Plus: Google Secure Site.”

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The Kano’s Prognosis? Fatty Liver Disease

The Kano’s prognosis? Fatty liver disease. Two weeks when the doctor over at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in Guimaras went over my abdominal ultrasound,  which I had taken as a result of a recent kidney stone attack, I was clueless on what “fatty liver” meant aside from guessing I had fat in my liver. At the time. I was more focused on the doctor’s information about my kidney stones.

Help is on the way

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Outpatient Visit at Guimaras Provincial Hospital

Kidney stones. I would rather have all my teeth pulled without Novocaine than go through another kidney stone attack like the one I recently endured. My wife and I were on our way for our outpatient visit at Guimaras provincial hospital. We didn’t arrive until 9 am since I was extremely groggy from a sleeping pill I “borrowed” from my father-in-law to help me sleep through the severe pain on my right side, a common kidney stone side effect. Lolo, my father-in-law, has severe dementia and needs medication to help him sleep. (Thanks to Murray the Kiwi for supplying my father-in-law with a year’s supply of medications.)

outpatient nursing staff with one foreigner from ohio

  The helpful nursing staff at the outpatient department included a foreigner from Ohio

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Riding the SuperCat Ferry from Iloilo City to Bacolod


My beloved asawa and I needed a vacation. After a ten day visit from relatives in Manila and the escalating demands of caring for Lolo and his dementia, we both needed a break. So we took off for Cebu via Bacolod. We had no firm plans on how to reach Cebu but knew that flying to the Queen City of the South via Cebu Pacific was too expensive an option.

SuperCat Ferry lands in Bacolod

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Jeepney Selfies in Iloilo: When Boredom Reigns

Selfies. I just heard about this narcissistic term a few months ago. I still don’t get it. Now I noticed on my wife’s Facebook that one of her friends back in Illinois was posting a “felfie.” It showed my asawa’s amigo posing with an animal.selfies on the jeepney

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Lolo’s Rescue!

Saturday morning. 10:30 am. I’m on a jeepney to SM City to pay my Smart Bro bill and pick up some ice cream. Our nieces and nephew from Guimaras will be visiting us this upcoming week at our home in Iloilo and the kids love ice cream. My asawa is in the mango province now to deliver groceries and to pick the kids up. My phone rings. I have my cell on the “Outdoor” profile so I can hear it. I’m  a 61-year-old geezer. Plus, the jeepney makes more noise than pre-tweeners at a Justin Bieber concert. I squint at the name on the incoming call. It’s blurry (don’t put my reading glasses on.)  Has to be my spouse.
Crowded jeepney in Guimaras

“The Crossing” near “The C0mpound” in Guimaras

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