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Breathtaking BPI’s Magnificent Mangoes

The Guimaras National Crop Research, Development, and Production Support Center (GNCRDPSC) is one of two agricultural centers of the Bureau of Plant Industry in the Visayas. That’s according to the official Bureau of Plant Industry BPI website. Because we had been visiting a tourism farm in nearby Nueva Valencia, my asawa wanted to stop by BPI on our … Read more

Another Look at Our New Garden in the Philippines

our new garden in the philippines

It’s time for another look at our new garden in the Philippines. Along with our major swimming pool project and brother-in-law Joery’s painting of our new home’s exterior, my lovely asawa is continually adding new plants, pottery and flowers to our landscape.

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New Terrace Project at our Home in the Philippines

our new terrace project in the philippines

Our workers recently completed a new terrace project at our home in the Philippines. My asawa had wanted the terrace, nearest the nipa hut my father-in-law lives in, to have a roof. She plans to have an array of plants and flowers underneath the new polycarbonate sheet roof we had delivered a few weeks ago.

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Surprise Item at our Local Sari Sari: New 250 ML Pepsi Slim Can

pepsi girl philippines

I’m a crusty old expat that has lived in the Philippines for over six years. But I’m still like a kid at Christmas when I discover something new. Especially if it’s new and shiny. So when I discovered a surprise item at our local sari sari, a new 250 ml Pepsi Slim can, I was excited as a tick on a fat dog.

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