Teen-Age Filipina Beauties

denden yes o model  search guimaras

Our niece DenDen is one of the “Teen-Age Fililpina Beauties” featured in this post. Den recently competed in the “Search for Mr and Miss YES-O-MODEL 2016. ” YES-O is an acronym for The Youth for Environment in Schools’ Organization. The competition was held at our niece’s high school in Guimaras.

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18 Candles

18 Candles. 18 Roses. 18 Treasures. My wife and I had been invited to the 18th Birthday celebration for Cousin Emma’s daughter, Kristine Ann. But when I saw the invitation and my name listed under the “18 Treasures” category, I asked my wife what was going on. 18 Candles at Debutante Party in the Philippines

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