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The City Mall Parola Expat Experience

city mall parola

“The City Mall Parola Expat Experience.”  A retired fart like me has plenty of time to go shopping with his asawa. I enjoy checking out new places.  Parola is located at Fort San Pedro Drive in Iloilo City. Guimaras, the island province we call home, is an approximately 12-15 pump boat ride away from Ortiz Wharf, minutes from Parola.

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The Dimple Star Road Trip from Hell: Guimaras to Manila. The Conclusion

road trip to hell guimaras to manila

We left our starting point in Guimaras around 7:50 am on a cloudy, dreary Tuesday morning. We’ve been traveling by bus and ferry for almost 13 hours and it’s now 9 pm. We’re in Oriental Mindoro headed for the ferry at Calapan. Finally, here’s the last leg of this extended journey. “The Dimple Star Road Trip from Hell: Guimaras to Manila. The Conclusion.”

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Our Filipino Car Insurance Report

the damaged Ford Ranger XLT in the Philippines

Our Filipino car insurance report was a virgin experience for both my asawa and me. My loving wife sideswiped a sand and gravel truck on the husky size the other day and came out on the losing end. Our new Ford Ranger XLT passenger truck was not even a week old. It was the battle of David and Goliath and David, the little guy, got his ass kicked this time.

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Bacolod City Shopping Spree Gets Off to Shaky Start

GO ferry in Iloilo

My asawa is observing a birthday soon. To celebrate, we planned to visit the “City of Smiles,”Bacolod, but our shopping spree in Bacolod City gets off to a shaky start as I feared we would not even make it on time to the Super Cat Ferry in Iloilo that would whisk us to our destination. My spouse and I have been married for almost 15 years and despite nine years of that marriage spent in the United States, my Fililpina wife still embraces “Filipino Time” on more occasions than I care to recall.

2GO ferry in Iloilo


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American Expats Visit “The Bistro” in Buenavista

I was posted at Parola Dock in Iloilo City waiting for  The Tom Cat, my American expat friend from Guimaras, and his main squeeze, LenLen. We were on a sojourn to  Buenavista, a town located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island, to visit the VeneZia Bistro, a restaurant/bar operated by our crusty British colleague, Keith.  Sporadic showers slapped me in the face as I dove for cover underneath a battered, corrugated metal roof that looked like it  had gone 12 rounds with Brock Lesnar and lost.  Buenavista Guimaras

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