BI Commissioner Warns Foreigners

The present Commissioner of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration is Jaime Morente. Commissioner Morente formerly handled various positions in the Philippine National Police and in the Philippine Constabulary. He’s a tough guy with a stern warning for expatriates which brings about today’s post: “BI Commissioner Warns Foreigners.” President Duterte’s annual State of the Nation Address … Read more

STATLAB in Iloilo City Got the Job Done. New Ultrasound Results

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City

After an extremely frustrating visit for an ultrasound at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, my asawa and I took a banca boat to nearby Panay Island. Thanks to a tip from British expat Keith, who also lives on our island province, I resolved to check out a new healthcare clinic. I am delighted to proclaim that Statlab in Iloilo City got the job done. I was able to receive new ultrasound results for a recent kidney stone attack.

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City


  My asawa waiting at the Statlab Counter in Iloilo City


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Rotational Brownouts in Guimaras Have NOT Ended!


It was 2 pm Monday when I began this post and by all indications rotational brownouts in Guimaras had ended.That’s what I thought until another outage hit us last night  from 8 pm to 11 pm. I checked my email and found an important update from British expat Paul who also lives on our island province. Rotational brownouts in Guimaras have NOT ended.


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