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Survey on New Property Could Spark Turf War

meeting the new neighbors in the philippines

A recent new survey on our Guimaras property could spark a turf war. My asawa and I are set to start building our new domicile on the mango island province this November and had hired a survey firm from nearby Iloilo City to do provide us with a sketch plan. We could start working on our final design plans that we could submit to Peter, a local architect and trusted relative, who could transform our rough sketches into a blueprint our construction crew could work with.


meeting our new neighbors in guimaras

My asawa chats with a neighbor who had dropped by to check out all the activity


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Motorcycle Gang Invades The Farm”: Conclusion

I wasn’t happy. We were encountering a motorcycle gang invasion at “The Farm” in Guimaras, our home province. Our fortress of solitude had been shattered one morning by motorcyclists who had discovered a path through our sequestered enclave in order to avoid detection by nearby Land Transportation Office officers who were conducting a checkpoint nearby.

My amigo with motorcycle club in Guimaras

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Motorcycle Gang Invades “The Farm” in Guimaras

McDonalds motorcycle delivery at MaryMart in Iloilo

It was a typically quiet Tuesday morning at “The Farm,” located in Guimaras, a Western Visayas province in the Philippines celebrated for its sweet mangoes.A view from The Farm

A view from “The Farm”

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Our 5 Year Philippines Retirement Plan Nears Completion

My asawa and I moved to the Philippines in July 2009. We had an unwritten five year plan before moving to “paradise.” We’re approaching the final phase of our retirement manifesto. In about one year from now, February 2014, every thing kicks into high gear. Our income will more than double. We’ll be buying property for our dream home in the Philippines then and in late 2014 we plan to move into our new residence in Iloilo City (the new house could look similar to the home depicted below.)

camella homes iloilo savannah iloilo savannah glades iloilo vista land crown homes pavia oton san miguel iloilo philippines crown asia althea ruby house 

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