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The SM Mall of Asia Expat Experience

sm mall of asia

I’ve been writing a blog for almost seven years now. Over in Guimaras, the island province we call home, there is nothing that even remotely resembles a large super mall. We do have the Chavez Building. You could call that place a  strip mall if you’ve consumed too many bottles of Red Horse.

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Surprise Item at our Local Sari Sari: New 250 ML Pepsi Slim Can

pepsi girl philippines

I’m a crusty old expat that has lived in the Philippines for over six years. But I’m still like a kid at Christmas when I discover something new. Especially if it’s new and shiny. So when I discovered a surprise item at our local sari sari, a new 250 ml Pepsi Slim can, I was excited as a tick on a fat dog.

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Healthcare Facility in the Philippines Scores a Win

Guimaras provincial hospital

Our healthcare facility in the Philippines scores a win! My wife, diagnosed with dengue fever and pneumonia, was admitted to our local provincial hospital in Guimaras this past Wednesday evening. She had a dangerously low white blood platelet count of 106. It was now Thursday morning and the attending physician walked into our room around 11:15 am. This was the first time we had seen the doctor since being admitted. I was praying for some good news.

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Cebu City: The Queen City of the South

rodeo grill in cebu city

Cebu City: The Queen City of the South. My lovely asawa and I recently returned from a short vacation to do some shopping and to relax in the famed “Second City” of the Philippines, the oldest city in the archipelago. While I haven’t done anything to earn a sabbatical, my spouse has. My wife has been dealing with the construction of our new home in the Philippines for almost six months now, and needed a break, even though she would never admit to that. 

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Never Buy Your Asawa Clothes for Christmas

I love santas helpers

Lead Photo from Imgur  

Never buy your asawa clothes for Christmas. If she’s anything like my wife, you’ll end up going to a SM City Mall the day after Jesus’ birthday celebration and face massive mobs that rival the hordes of Hade. I kid you not. I would (almost) rather have each of my fingernails and toenails pulled out then encounter the crowds that my spouse and I had to deal with.  I had to navigate the crowded mall filled with morons that hypnotically gazed downward at their cell phones as they checked their latest asinine Facebook message and never watched where they were going. Crowded eateries that reduced us to eating at Pizza Hut (at Robinsons, our first stop) which is never packed out.

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Balut and Beer: American Expats in the Philippines

Heard the Midwest was having a cold snap. January can get bitterly cold. We actually had a low near 64 degrees last week in Iloilo City. My asawa said it was the first time she had felt chilly since we moved to the Philippines over three years ago. Me? I did my usual morning walk around 3 am in my tank top, shorts and slippers. A cool refreshing breeze smacked me in the face. It almost reminded me of  autumn back in Illinois. The local Filipinos were walking around in jackets and hooded sweatshirts that day. 

Balut and beer in Iloilo

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