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Mikey Bustos Filipino Mythical Creatures Rap

Mikey Bustos is a Canadian-born Filipino YouTube star. He’s known for his hilarious tutorial and song parodies about being Pinoy.The particular video I’m featuring today is all about legendary beings that roam the Philippines. Some people say that these so-called mythical creatures can even been seen today, especially if you have a “Third Eye.”

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Cheap TV in the Philippines: ABS-CBN TVplus Black Box

abscbn plus

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” know your author, the crusty old expat, is a cheap son-of-a-gun. Sure, we might be paying big bucks for our monthly 1290 Peso Plan with Cignal satellite, 26 bucks, but I wanted a more frugal option for one of our other four television sets

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The SM City North EDSA Expat Experience

crowds at sm city north edsa

“SM City North EDSA Expat Experience” relates our latest shopping adventure in the Philippines.  It was a chaotic shopping trip. I was almost convinced Filipinos in Manila had started their Christmas shopping early. After all, the Philippines has the longest Christmas season in the world and begins September 1st.

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The Great Guimaras Ultrasound Gaffe: The Kano Loses His Cool

If this were a website where more colorful language was allowed, the title for this post would certainly not have read “The Great Guimaras Ultrasound Gaffe.”  But you can bet there were some phrases I uttered this past Saturday at a local laboratory  that cannot be repeated on this site or in front of any nuns or preachers of the Gospel. Merchant marines? Yeah, no problem.

Centri Clinical Lab  Guimaras

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American Expat’s Return to America

the flag

American expat’s return to America. That’s correct. I’m going back to the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I haven’t been there in over five years since my retirement to the Philippines with my beautiful Filipina wife. My asawa will stay behind with her Father, who is afflicted with dementia, and who had to be stopped today from going to a cock fight. Of course, we don’t know who invited him to this event, but he was determined to go. Our 16-year-old domestic helper, Mera, barely five feet tall and probably not weighing much than a duwende went out to stop Lolo.

The Tom Cat, The Kano and Lolo

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