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Outpatient Visit at Guimaras Provincial Hospital

Kidney stones. I would rather have all my teeth pulled without Novocaine than go through another kidney stone attack like the one I recently endured. My wife and I were on our way for our outpatient visit at Guimaras provincial hospital. We didn’t arrive until 9 am since I was extremely groggy from a sleeping pill I “borrowed” from my father-in-law to help me sleep through the severe pain on my right side, a common kidney stone side effect. Lolo, my father-in-law, has severe dementia and needs medication to help him sleep. (Thanks to Murray the Kiwi for supplying my father-in-law with a year’s supply of medications.)

outpatient nursing staff with one foreigner from ohio

  The helpful nursing staff at the outpatient department included a foreigner from Ohio

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“Evil Spirit Possessions” Reported in Iloilo City High Schools

A recent article in The Daily Guardian, a local newspaper in Iloilo, where my asawa and I live, caught my attention. Two cases of  “evil spirit possessions” of students that are puzzling two high schools in Iloilo City have been reported.

cello(Photo Source: dvdactive.com)

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Nephew Sherwin and the Shoot-Out at Savannah

Our niece Shaina had arrived home around 6 pm without her younger, 13-year-old brother,Sherwin. I heard my asawa speaking to someone on the phone minutes earlier and was extremely glad it wasn’t me on the receiving end. Our niece and nephew that live with us go to the same high school and have specific instructions from my spouse to travel home in the jeepney together.  Vehicular traffic was backed up in front of our subdivision gate in Savannah, Pavia, Iloilo. A robbery had occurred and one of the thieves had been killed in a shootout right outside our main gate. DSC

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Philippine National Police on Full Alert for All Saint’s Day!

Just posted the conclusion to the aswang attack my wife's family experienced in the Philippines many years ago at their home at Lawi in Guimaras province. The aswang story was the third most popular post on my first blog, "The Rooster Crows at 4am!"Cemetery in the Philippines
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