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Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts

Regular readers of “PhilippinesPlus” know that I’ve been critical of Guimelco, our local electric cooperative in Guimaras over the years. Guimelco is a distribution utility with rural electrification as its main thrust. It’s currently marking 40 years of operation this year, 2019. The past ten years we’ve lived in the Philippines has been frustrating at times because of the proliferation of brownouts, power outages. However, I was shocked when we experienced a record low three power outages last month. Therefore, I humbly present this post: “Record Low Guimaras Guimelco Brownouts.”

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Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines

Seems like the past ten years have gone by swiftly. I moved to a “paradise” called the Philippines almost a decade ago. My loving Filipina wife, who has patiently stuck with me for over 19 years, made a great sacrifice and moved with me. She had a comfortable life in the States. There were a few co-workers and friends who must have questioned my sanity. Therefore, I present today’s post, “Stark Raving Mad Lunatics Move to the Philippines.”

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Unearthly Quiet Settles over our Island Province

The kids are gone. Because our niece and nephew had to register for school yesterday, their summer vacation with us is over. The kids have been with us the past five weeks. The Annual Manggahan Festival has ended. An unearthly quiet settles over our island province of Guimaras.  Silence permeates our home.

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7,500 Reasons to Make the Philippines your Retirement Destination

island hopping is more fun in the Philippines

First of all, perhaps you thought I would be listing 7,107 reasons to make the Philippines your retirement destination. The number 7,500 refers to the number of islands now thought to make up the Philippine archipelago. 7,107 had been the standard figure for years ever since The Crusty Old Expat moved to the Philippines almost 10 years ago.

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2019 Manggahan Festival’s Fabulous Foam Party

“Foam party?” I wondered out loud, “I thought that was one of the bands playing tonight.” Negatory, good buddy. A foam party, a good Canadian friend informed me, was a bubble bath party with music and wild dancing. Along with my asawa, and our Canadian friend and her Significant Other, we were at Guimaras’ biggest annual shindig, Manggahan.

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Manggahan Festival 2019 Guimaras’ Mind-blowing Mango Mash

This past Saturday, May 11, 2019 marked the official beginning of the 2019 Manggahan Festival. It’s Guimaras’ biggest party. Above all, this was the 10th celebration of the sweetest mangoes in the world The Crusty Old Expat has attended. The Sainted Patient Wife and two nieces and a nephew accompanied me to the mango merrymaking.

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