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Would I Have Still Moved to the Philippines?

sunset over guimaras

After the publication of my latest post, “Living in the Philippines 6 Yr. Review,” one of my faithful readers asked me the following questions and wondered, knowing what I know now, what would I have done or not done:

  1. Would you still have moved to the Philippines or would you have stayed in the USA?
  2. What would you have done the same the last six years living in the Philippines?
  3. What would you have done differently the last six years living in the Philippines?Philippine flag ceremony in Guimaras

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Lolo’s Nipa Hut in the Philippines Nears Completion

nipa hut in Guimaras

Lolo’s nipa hut in the Philippines nears completion. Foreman Joery, our brother-in-law, along with three other employees are hard at work underneath the blistering tropical sun. The exterior walls of my father-in-law’s new digs are almost done. The interior walls, consisting of plywood purchased from the New Guimaras Traders, will soon be installed.
Lolo's nipa hut in the Philippines

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Materials for the New Nipa Hut in the Philippines Are Secured

mango tree

My asawa, along with our brother-in-law Joery, and nephew Sherwin, recently visited my father-in-law’s property located in Lawi, Guimaras, my wife’s homeplace where she grew up with no electricity, no running water and dirt floors. Lolo has extensive land holdings, over 2,500 acres, 1,035 hectares. His property is covered with mango, coconut, cashew, mahogany, hitang hitang and banana trees. Bamboo grows all over. Material for the new hut in the Philippines are now secured as my wife and Joery picked out several hitang hitang trees along with an aging, massive mango tree that is dying but will provide us with a unique wood for the floors of our new residence.

mango tree guimaras

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NAIA Terminal 3 on the Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

NAIA terminal  manila

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money  when I left the Philippines to visit my Dad back in the States. NAIA Terminal 3 on the cheap. That was my plan. And I executed it fairly well, I thought. No hotel bill. I spent the night at Terminal 3. No taxis. I used the free shuttle service to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1, where my Korean Air flight would depart from. And I discovered a 7 Eleven store which had extremely reasonable prices for an airport venue.

cute filipina at terminal 3, NAIA

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Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines

Call it “writer’s block,” call it old age, call it what you want. But occasionally I draw a blank when it comes to posting new articles for this website, “Philippines Plus.” Listen, I’ve started three posts already this morning on my Word Press platform and I’ve sent them all to the trash. “Justified” comes on in one hour and I’m stymied. So don’t be surprised by the title of this particular offering: “Why Karen Carpenter Songs Should be Banned from Karaoke Bars in the Philippines.” 


photo source:fanpop.com

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Fleeing Jeddah

crew at halloween
The wife and I have to go to Iloilo City later today to pick up her sister Marjorie who has been working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) outside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The OFW’s used to be called OCW’s (Overseas Contract Worker) as was the case with my wife Melinda when she worked in Singapore and in Taiwan. Marjorie had a two year contract with an employment agency from the Philippines that was not due to expire until December 2010. Over 11 million Filipinos work overseas as OFW’s since unemployment here is so bad. Marjorie, Shina, Sharwin and JalAmiel

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