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Collecting Cow Poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day

cow poop in the philippines

I seriously doubt that many of my readers were collecting cow poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day. I wonder how many people all across America were doing the same. Perhaps some couples were celebrating Cupid’s Day by waiting in line for an hour (or more) at their neighborhood Olive Garden or Outback restaurant, stomachs growling, perhaps wishing they were alongside Captain Tom picking up poop. Then again, maybe not.

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Taking Another Walk on the Wild Side of the Philippines

a view from guimaras

My Sainted Patient Wife and I were taking another walk on the wild side of the Philippines. I’ve been exceptionally lazy recently and haven’t even  been taking my daily walks. But after diplomatic suggestions from my asawa, I decided it would be in my best interests to resume this exercise routine.

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We Missed the Police/Protesters Clash in Iloilo

iloilo protesters apec

We missed the police/protesters clash in Iloilo. My asawa and I were shopping for plants and flowers at Robinsons Mall in Iloilo City this past Friday and Sunday. Anti-riot police officers clashed with some 800 marchers protesting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting here yesterday.iloilo protesters apec

(Photo Source: Panay News)

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In the Philippines, Got Milk?

In the Philippines, Got Milk?  Well, yes, but it is not the cold fresh milk I used to swig out of the plastic gallon container back in the States when my wife wasn’t looking. I absolutely love a glass of cold milk, and it one of the little things I miss in the Philippines.Alaska Milk
(Photo source: Alaska.com)

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