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Collecting Cow Poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day

cow poop in the philippines

I seriously doubt that many of my readers were collecting cow poop in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day. I wonder how many people all across America were doing the same. Perhaps some couples were celebrating Cupid’s Day by waiting in line for an hour (or more) at their neighborhood Olive Garden or Outback restaurant, stomachs growling, perhaps wishing they were alongside Captain Tom picking up poop. Then again, maybe not.

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“Do You Speak English?”

they love to dance at Manggahan

It’s  fiesta time at our sleepy barangay on the island province of Guimaras. When I first heard my asawa mention that it was time for their annual celebration, I scratched my head (not my butt this time) and wondered out loud: “Why was an Asian country celebrating what I thought was a Mexican tradition?”

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I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015

pretty pinays at Manggahan

Regular readers of Philippines Plus know that I excel at doing as little as possible. I’ve perfected my slothfulness to a fine art after almost six years of living in the Philippines.  But retirement in this archipelago comes with a price: notoriety. Thus, many of my stalwart subscribers, especially those that have visited or who reside in the PH, will not be surprised by the title of this post: “I’m Adored as a Rock Star by Pretty Pinays at Manggahan 2015.” 

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STATLAB in Iloilo City Got the Job Done. New Ultrasound Results

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City

After an extremely frustrating visit for an ultrasound at the Centri Clinical Laboratory in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, my asawa and I took a banca boat to nearby Panay Island. Thanks to a tip from British expat Keith, who also lives on our island province, I resolved to check out a new healthcare clinic. I am delighted to proclaim that Statlab in Iloilo City got the job done. I was able to receive new ultrasound results for a recent kidney stone attack.

Statlab Clinic in Iloilo City


  My asawa waiting at the Statlab Counter in Iloilo City


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A Few Beers. One Babe. And Guimaras.

Beers.  A babe. And Guimaras.  The only element in abundance during my recent visit to the mango province with The Tom Cat a week ago last Friday was beer. And rain. A deluge that dogged us all day. But my American expat friend and I dodged our usual dives and headed for a posh hotel at the New Site in San Miguel, Zemkamps Chalet, after a lunch at our favorite eatery, Lisa's Talabahan.

The Tom Cat and LenLen at Lisa's Talabahan in GuimarasThe Tom Cat and LenLen at Lisa's Talabahan

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The Return of the Dog Crap Wars of Iloilo!

Dog crap is back. Our subdivision in Iloilo, Savannah, has regulations that require all pet owners to have their dogs on a leash whenever their canine leaves their yard. But like many ordinances in the Philippines, they are not enforced. Therefore, neighbors that are too lazy to walk their dogs with a leash let them roam free.


(Photo Source: advrider.com)

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